Throughout life's journey, we encounter joy and sorrow.

When your journey brings you to Soller-Baker Funeral Homes,

we want you to know that you will be welcomed

with  familiar, caring professionals.

Soller-Baker Funeral Homes take pride in offering

the finest products and facilities

For you to celebrate your loved one's life without sacrificing value.

That is the promise we have been keeping since 1865.

Established in 1865, Soller-Baker Funeral Homes has become one of northern Indiana's oldest businesses. Founded by John Soller as the Cabinet Makers Union at 222 Main Street, the firm later became Soller-Seeger Co., then changed to Soller-Harrington Co. in 1902. In 1923, the business became John T. Soller & Sons with Elmer J. and Edwin W. Soller as partners. Otto C. Baker joined the firm in 1927 and the name was changed to Soller-Baker Co. Inc. In 1929 Soller-Baker moved to a large home at 4th & Alabama Streets.
 William E. Wilhoit and Thomas R. Baer joined the firm in 1950 and became principal owners until their retirement in 1986. In 1965 Soller-Baker opened their West Lafayette Chapel, and in 1980 purchased the Baker Funeral Home in Dayton, IN, which was established in 1847. Regrettably Soller-Baker closed the Dayton facility in 2012.  Ronald W. Diem joined Soller-Baker in 1969 and became President of the Corporation in 1986. At that time the name changed to Soller-Baker Funeral Homes, Inc.

In the fall of 1995, Soller-Baker Funeral Homes broke ground for their new chapel located in the south side of Lafayette on Twyckenham Boulevard.  On July 1, 1996 they opened the new chapel where they are now located. 

This year, after nearly four decades of commitment to Soller-Baker, Ron Diem retired and put his trust in both John Benefiel and Scott Banes as the new owners. John who started with the company in 1985 and Scott, in 1989, will continue with the same high quality service, comfort and compassion your family expects and is accustomed to from Soller-Baker Funeral Homes.